Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gardening Tools Set - 3 Piece

Gardening Tools Set - 3 Piece Ergonomic Aluminum Urban Garden Kit with Trowel, Transplanter, & Cultivatorby Rebel Gardens

Here is it, Winter.  There is snow on the ground and a chill in the air.  I sit on the edge of my seat waiting, not so patiently, for spring to move in.  I love the rebirth of biennials and perennials, also the births of animals and other plants.  Waiting for the buds on the trees to grow and bring leaves and fruit, for my irises to rise again from their deep sleep.  I also look forward to preparing the dirt in my raised garden and plant the seeds that will bring my family and I sustenance for a while to come. This year, besides the garden I look forward to doing rose starts and planting new and unique flowers.  

Yes, spring time is plenty busy but well worth the wait and the time it takes to bring spring to full.  

As much as I like to garden the one thing that really annoys me are tools that are cheap and just...well do not work to their full standards.  Commercials have so many nice tools that look like they will work, but some are just a pain.  Stores carry many varieties of the same tool, but you never know how well they will hold up until you get them in the dirt. 

So when I had a chance to review this Gardening tool set by Rebel I jumped on it.  I figured if they are good then I will have great tools to use this year, as I broke a hand spade last year, and if I don't like them then no loss. 

This set consists of a hand trowel, transplanter, and a cultivator hand rake.  

Since I am familiar with breaking tools in the ground, I made my mission to bust these into two.  I tried and either I am very, very weak or these will out do me anytime.  They just wouldn't break!
The metal is sturdy and thick, and goes all the way into the handle which will give them more strength to them when they are in use.  

Since they passed my strength test I looked for other negatives, the only thing I am hesitant about is if the rake will be sharp enough for the dirt.  The rake had flat tines that are thick but I think it will do fine. 

The big positives besides strength are: Each handle is ergonomic and fits well into your hand, it has a soft black plastic to help buffer the pressure.  They each have an area for your thumb to rest which adds to ergonomical use of the tools.  I do love how the transplanter has the measurements carved into it so you know how deep you have dug, great for planting bulbs and seeds.  The measurements are in centimeters and inches.  There are holes at the end of the handles so you can easily hang them if you need to.  They are rust proof, strong, and just plain awesome!!  I look forward to spring so much more now, just so I can play in the dirt with these tools! 

If you like gardening like I do then do not hesitate, get your set today!

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