Monday, January 4, 2016

Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 27"x54" Bath Towel Set of 4 - 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton - Eco-Friendly

I am a picky shopper when it comes to shopping for towels. I need something that is soft and will retain it's softness throughout the life of the towel. I really do not like scratchy towels as I already exfoliated in the shower I just need a soft rub! I also like towels that are big, I am a bigger person right now, but even when I weighed less I wanted a towel that would wrap all the way around me and them some. Towels that will not shrink a lot when washed, too. (Maybe I should use cold water to wash, more often!) I love big towels for my hair too, big towel not big hair!

Have you ever fallen for the luxurious bath towels and just want to take them home (not telling if you have!). Well, now you don't have to sneak them into your suitcase, you can have your own, in your favorite colors, at home!

The Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel Set offers all that I am looking for!
They are made with quality cotton / yarns.  All hems are double-stitched (not single-stitched) for extra durability. All towels are vat dyed for 8+ hours so colors (including white) will remain bright. They are made in Turkey and are softer and more durable because it is the only country which does not use any bleach in the manufacturing process, including white towels. (So if you buy the white ones do not use bleach on them and destroy the quality!)

The other great thing is the towels are made in an Oeko-Tex® and ISO 9001 mill. This means that all materials must be chemical and pesticide free and that the mill operates at the highest quality standards and is audited regularly.

The colors are beautiful and the towels are 27"x 54" which is so nice because it covers me!! They are nice, big, soft, and fluffy! The set of four is great also so you get the same dye lot with a set.

This is the first time I have had a chance to try Turkish cotton and I really have to say that it is wonderful. I do love how soft they are and I love the color (I received the salmon)!! You can even buy washcloths and hand towels to match, they also feel just as great!

So if you are looking for that perfect "hotel" towel, look no further. Just check these out and get some for you and your family!

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