Saturday, January 16, 2016

BlitzWolf Wired Selfie Stick

Wired Selfie Stick, BlitzWolf Battery Free One Piece Extendable Monopod with Universal Phone Holder for iPhone 5s 6 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5 S6 Note 5 Android (Black)

We have become a selfie world. Everywhere you look is someone posting a selfie, flattering or not! Lets face it, we have always liked taking pictures to remember our fond memories and how we and our loved ones looked. We remember friends, pets, travels, and even the stupid moments in pictures. Selfie sticks made it easier to get in those pictures of those moments without having to find someone else to take the picture.

With phone technology and the age of smartphones the picture age has advanced and with social media, smartphones are almost a necessity. Add in the selfie stick and you can take your picture anywhere with anyone or anything.

While bluetooth selfies are all the rage it sometimes becomes difficult to connect the bluetooth selfie stick along with all the other bluetooth devices that we connect to the phone. This is where Blitzwolf comes in with their wired selfie stick. This monopod is not only battery free it is also hassle free as it just connects into the audio jack on your phone. Then with one click you have your great picture. The stick is easy to use and compact when not in use. It has a nice phone holder and you can remove this holder to connect your Go-Pro for a action filled picture adventure.


  • [Newest Released] Latest selfie stick, compact one piece and one button shot, a lovely gift for your loved ones.
  • [Aviation Lightweight & Strong] Aluminium alloy stick with inner plastic padding, length adjustable from 8.8in to 35.5in, twist to lock and unlock the length.
  • [Plug 'n Play] Plug into the 3.5mm audio jack of your phone, your can take one button snap without any extra setting, applicable for all common models, EXCEPT for HTC.
  • [Removable Phone Holder] Phone clamp suits phone size of 3.5in to 6in, suits all existing common phone models, snap with 270 degree vision, you can also remove the phone holder to connect with SJ cameras and Gopro.
  • [Lifetime Quality Care] BlitzWolf awards 30 days money free back, 18 months warranty and lifetime dedicating consultancy to assure your long term enjoyment.
Plug 'n Play, Easy to Use
No battery, no bluetooth, all you need is plug into the 3.5mm audio jack of your phone and snap with the 270 degree vision.

Supreme Compatibility
Campatible with cellphones with 3.5mm audio jack, including iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, etc. You can also remove the phone holder to connect with SJ cameras and Gopro.

You can also replace the phone holder with other cameras.

Note: NOT compatible with HTC phones, Motorola G2.

Lifetime Quality Care
18-month warranty; Lifetime dedicating consultancy.

Length: 8.8-35.5 inch
Material: Anodized aluminium alloy, ABS
Holder Width: 3.5 - 6 inch
Surface Craft: Soft Silicone Handle Grip. Matte Aluminium Alloy

Package Included
√ Wired Selfie Stick
√ Climbing Hooks
√ User Manual

Chasing the latest technology, BlitzWolf is full passions on combining useful crafts into one product, to create simple design with powerful internal.

**So in this day of selfies don't get left behind,  just get your selfie on!

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