Wednesday, February 17, 2016

HueMax Colored Pencil Set

HueMax Colored Pencil Set - With 48 Soft Core Colored Pencils - Best Quality Art Pencils for Shading, Coloring & Drawing

Adult coloring books are all the rage!!  It takes us back to our childhood and the soothing therapy that coloring used to be.  Learning to color within the lines was a great accomplishment.  Learning the primary colors and how to mix them to make the secondary colors and so forth, was rewarding. Experimenting, with shades and coloring items unnatural colors just for the fun of it.  Then as we progressed we advanced from regular colors and mixing them to the big box of colors!!
So many colors and even more creativity!!  It was color therapy in the best way!

I remember days of laying on the floor coloring.  I think the most thing I remember is having the smaller boxes of crayons and not having that peach or skin shade to color.  So I mixed pink and yellow to get a very creative (not) skin shade.  The way kids think, but it worked for me.  I was very adamant about being in the lines and getting the right colors.  As an adult I am forcing myself to be more creative with my coloring, and the adult coloring books are perfect for that.  

I love using coloring pencils, so much easier than crayons for those tight spaces, LOL.   Huemax's 48 coloring pencil set is one of the sets I have had the pleasure of enjoying.  there are so many colors!  I have found though that they are mostly cool colors.  There aren't any warm reds, which is pretty disappointing.  

For those who are wondering, cool colors are colors that have blue shades added to them and so they fit in a certain color palette, while warmer colors have more red tones to them bringing them to the opposite side.  The same concept is used in hair coloring, you have warm colors and ash colors.  Ash are the cooler colors.  So if you have burgandy red, this is a cool color, where as copper or auburn would be a warm color.  Same applies to any color out there.  

The Huemax's coloring pencils are sharp and they do stay that way for a while, so they are quite sturdy.  They come in a box that reminds me of crayon boxes, so for me, I did place mine in a carrying case so I could lay them out so they were easier access when I changed colors.  They are a good range of colors.  They start out light on the page and so you can apply in layers and get the depth that you would like of the color.  This will also help you blend the colors out as needed, if you wish. 

This is a nice set to start with and to start enjoying your own form of color therapy! 

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