Monday, March 23, 2015

Origami Owl

Life is full of milestones.  Everything we do in life has an impact on ours and others life.  Whether it is being a coach, a teacher, a parent or someone fighting for or against something, these all are milestones that we should be proud of.  We all have a story or more to tell. 

At 46, I look back on life and think "what impact have I made in life, what have I done?"   As a teen I was in speech, debate, and drama competitions.  I was in the French club and our schools pep team. As a divorced mom I have had to be father and mother to my children.  My three children being all boys,  have taught me a lot and set many steps for my milestones.  Two of my boys have Asperger's syndrome, one of which has gone through the adolescent seizures that can happen in some.  The other one has had to learn while having dyslexia.  My oldest, he is a father of two beautiful daughters, making me a proud grandma, is now going through severe scoliosis causing me to watch my middle son closer as he has mild scoliosis, also.  I fight brain seizures and Fibromyalgia.   I have been a sports mom, baseball coach, example, teacher to my children, mentor, advocate, and  now a business owner and blogger. 

Now, I do not tell you this for sympathy as I have had is easy to some, I simply tell you this as an example to the many milestones we face and accomplish. These milestones we accomplish we need to be proud of, and have a right to show off, and what better way to show our story than with Owl Origami

Owl Origami is a way to show off your story with dainty charms in a beautiful floating locket.  These wonderful lockets hold up to 12 charms depending on size chosen.  They come in different sizes, shapes and designs to help show your style. They can be worn on a bracelet or necklace. There are so many ways to style your story.  You choose your locket, chain, plates, dangles, and charms to form the story you wish wear.   With many different charms and dangles to choose from your story will be unique to you and your milestones.  

Which of your stories will be told? Will you tell just one story or more?  Will you have one locket or more? Will you make a locket for someone else and their story?  It is time to shine and make yours or someone you love story known!

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