Friday, April 1, 2016

Froggy Tots Digital Baby Thermometer

Froggy Tots Digital Baby Thermometer - Best for Babies - Accurate, Easy Read - Celsius and Fahrenheit - Underarm & Ora​l - Waterproof, Easy to Clean - Flexible, Soft Tip - Perfect Baby Shower Gift

When you have children the worst thing is when they get sick.  Not only do we feel bad for them and their little bodies and minds trying to comprehend why they are sick, but also the fact that they have to deal with yucky medicines and getting poked or prodded so we can see how sick they are.   The one thing I hated the most when I was sick was fevers.  Not only did my mom make me go without a blanket and let me shiver the fever out of me, which did work, but the thermometers that was stuck in our mouths or that other place!  I hated having to hold those cold glass things in my mouth and was always afraid if they were put rectally that they would break you know where.  

Thank goodness times have changed.  The strip thermometer was invented, and then the ear thermometer, another form of the forehead thermometer, and yes, they even (thankfully) redesigned the oral and rectal thermometers.  They made them plastic, flexible, safe, and digital. 

Froggy tots took it one step further and designed a thermometer that looks like a cute frog!  Now your kids will not shirk to stick this in their mouth, and this can be used rectally, or even in their armpit (most kids favorite way).

The Froggy tots digital thermometer is:
  • FAST, ACCURATE, SAFE & RELIABLE - Quick read. Results in 25 seconds. FDA and CE listed. Fever alarm. Clear, easy reading. Centigrade and Fahrenheit.
  • SOFT FLEXIBLE TIP - No further distress to your baby. Soft, flexible tip for wriggling infants. Comfortable under the arm, under the tongue or rectally.
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN - Instruction leaflet. One button with beep function when reading complete. Easy change battery. Waterproof for easy cleaning.
  • 100% SATISFACTION- 1 year product warranty. 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. 

So I run fevers often still, just not as high as when I was a kid, so I tested this on myself...orally.
The first thing I did was read the instructions.  They were a bit vague.  There was not a time alotted for temperature taking and it didn't explain how to change the temp from Celsius, which it is set at, to Fahrenheit.  The beeps it is supposed to give off are so low I can't even hear them.  

So to address these I had to go to the Amazon page.  
1:  You should have temperature results in 25 seconds.
2:  To change the temp from Celsius to Fahrenheit you hold the power button about 4 sec. 

I have asked about making the beeps louder and have yet to see this question addressed. 

I did find that the thermometer was flexible and comfortable in my mouth, and the temperature was accurate (just a degree over normal for me....I am just hot that way LOL).  It is really easy to clean and there is a storage case to keep over the thermometer tip to protect. 

All in all I think this is a really cute way to get your kids temperature when they are sick or feel hot.  It is safe, sturdy, and effective. 

So order yours HERE