Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Colored Pencils: Artist-72 Premium Art Pencils by Flat Water Products

Colored Pencils for Any Artist-72 Premium Art Pencils-Best Smoothest Pencils for Adult Coloring Books-Coloring Pencils Great Wet or Dry-Free Tools and Accessories-Unconditional Manufacturers Guarantee by Flat Water Products

When I first learned they had come out with Adult coloring books I thought it was kind of a cray idea.  I wondered how coloring could ease stress and how could an adult really enjoy it? As I saw some of the pictures that my other friends were coloring, and of course the commercials on TV,  I liked what I saw.  These weren't just easy pictures with simple colors, these were intricate designs and vibrant colors.  I loved the look and decided to try it as I am always on the lookout for new stress relieving techniques.  

Books were simple enough to find, they were everywhere and pages were available in so many places.  So my next task was to find those vibrant colors!!   The regular coloring pencils just didn't cut it.  I wanted better, brighter, and bigger selection!  I tried some different kits but it still wasn't enough.   Until I found Flat Waters colored pencil kit.  

The one color I had a hard time finding was some true reds....this had them!  Selection was a big issue, but with 72 choices to choose from this kit had it!  Storage was another thing I needed and Flat Water provided that with their pencils, they came in their own storage bag that rolls up and keeps them safe!  

For most people some see colored pencils as, well, just that ....colored pencils.  But there is a huge difference between regular colored pencils and Premium soft core colored pencils.  Let me explain:

  • These colored pencils go on really smooth, it is easy to get the whole area colored with and even color compared to regular coloring pencils. 

  • These pencils intensify vibrancy with layers.  They go on light and if you want a more intense color you simply color the spot again with the another layer and repeat until you get the deep color you want.  The more layers the more intense your color will be. 

  • They don't just stop there.  You can get just the colored look when using them dry, or you can apply water to your painting and get a watercolored blended look which gives your drawing a new level to its look.  This also helps in shading and achieving that perfect shading outward look. 

  • This kit offers even more than just the pencils and storage, It includes a quality eraser, sharpener, pencil extender, and 2 Free Blending Brushes.  All you need to make you drawing look like a real work of art. 

  • The Storage bag holds all 72 pencils and your extra items.  It is easy to carry and folds down to a small enough size that you could fit it in a larger purse.  Great for taking with you wherever you may go.  

Oh, and did I mention that it really does help stress.  It was amazing just coloring my first picture has me hooked.  I loved how I could change a black and white drawing to a vibrant colored one. I loved trying to figure out the colors to use and what colors worked next to others, or if I was going to color each small area differently or not.  You get to concentrating on the small spaces and the colors you want to use that it passes the time (perfect for those long wait times) and it helps focus your energies elsewhere.  You do have to have those perfect coloring pencils to really enjoy the art, after all , this isn't your child's art anymore this is the adult section!  You will find there is much more to coloring than just keeping in the lines! 

So want to reduce your stress?  Start with the right tools and order your coloring pencils by Flat Water Products today!

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