Saturday, February 27, 2016

Professional Tattoo Gun and Tattoo Kit

Professional Tattoo Gun Tattoo Kit Tattoo Power Supply/ Colors Tattoo Ink Tattoo Needles Tattoo Supplies MGT-27 from Dragon Hawk

I am a fan of tattoos, I admire the art and talent that goes into them.  I myself have two tattoos.  My oldest son, Mitch, has a few tattoos and my youngest, Austin, wants a tattoo.   Mitch has learned to do tattoos and has some really good talent.  We keep bugging him by telling him that he needs to get into the business, and while he refuses, well.. we can reap the rewards with just the cost of supplies.  

As a product reviewer I often find the best way to get something you want or need is to gain it to review.  Considering I need my tats refreshed and Austin (no worries he is 19yrs!) wants one this kit came at the perfect time!  It is the perfect way to pay Mitch back for his tattoo work.  

When the tattoo kit came in we sat down with Mitch and he went through the box seeing what was in the kit and explaining what each piece does.  He was quite impressed that it had so many items.  

The first thing was putting together the two cylinders guns, this consists of putting together the needle, grip and a barrel.  Then you add this to the gun with the nipple/grommet, o rings and an elastic band.   Next connect the clip cord prongs to your needle.   We did find some glue residue on one of the cylinders, which should be able to be cleaned off. 

At this time you can hook up the foot pedal to the power box, which is usually the inside aux. The clip cord attached to your needle goes into the outer aux.   At this time you can adjust the front spring by adjusting the contact screw.  This can sometimes help adjust the vibration and then you can adjust the speed on your control box to how you are comfortable using your gun.  We did find out that if you adjusted the contact screw too much on these they won't work.  So it is trial and error on adjusting to where you like it. 

After we got the machine and guns assembled we tested it by tattooing a simple line on Austin's leg so he could get a taste of what it feels like.   Austin is funny when he is unsure of something because he freaks out, won't stop talking, and laughs uncontrollably.  But he dealt with it just fine. 

This kit comes with ink, it is not a high value ink so it may wear off considerably fast.  You will receive different shaders and liner needles, a stand for your ink cups, gloves, tips, and more.  

Since the ink is not the best Mitch decided to toss it out and we will resume tat work when I can acquire some high quality ink!   Only the best to last!

For a stater kit this is great to practice with and learn.  It will help you get the hang of putting your guns together and more.   For the cost it may be worth it to start with. 

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  1. That is so awesome! We also own our own tattoo machine :) Great review

  2. This is so cool to have your own tattoo machine! However, it is also a bit risky to test it on your skin as the pattern will stay for your whole life:)