Sunday, November 15, 2015

Brainstream BeepEgg and Inez Rosales Torta Tryazon Party 

I recently had the fun of hosting a Tryazon party featuring Brainstream's BeepEgg and Ines Rosales Tortas.  I invited my family which consists of my mom, sister and her family and my boys, surprisingly my sisters kids and mine are all adults but still live at home, just like we like it. 

We started by putting the eggs on to boil and placing the BeepEgg in.  I explained how your beep egg should be stored with the eggs so that it is the same temperature as the eggs are to time them perfectly.   I also explained how this invention comes from Germany and a German inventor.  We discussed how it would sing at the different stages of the cooking.  Pretty awesome!  Since I was given two BeepEggs to share I gave one to my mom and one to my sis. 

While we waited for the eggs to cook we sat down to a delicious bowl of mutton stew that my sister had made and shared the Ines Rosales Tortas.  The tortas were new to us and we really enjoyed them. We had the chance to try the Sesame & Sea Salt Torta and the Seville Orange Torta.  I have to say, we ate them like crackers and our favorite was the Orange.  The Sea salt one was a little darker and just light taste of Sea Salt.  The Orange Tortas had a wonderfully sweet taste of orange and truly delicious just as they were.  

We discussed the Tortas while we ate and that they were from Spain.  We all agreed that Orange was the favorite all around.  We were mildly surprised that my Peruvian brother-in-law didn't know what a torta was, same as us.  So we all learned something.  

During this time, as we were cooking the eggs to hard boiled for deviled eggs, the BeepEgg had gone off at the soft stage playing 'Oh Susanna' it played this twice. 

Then a few minutes later at the second medium soft stage the BeepEgg played  'Take me out to the ballgame' again more than once.   Lastly 'Hail Hail the Gangs All Here'  played and we had hard boiled eggs.  We took the eggs out and cooled them off and cooled off the BeepEgg so it wouldn't play again.  

Our Family isn't much on soft or medium hard eggs, but they do love deviled eggs so after the eggs cooled down we made deviled eggs.  It was a task to peel them as they were fresh eggs, but they were really good!  The BeepEgg was great. 

The BeepEgg is a great way to track your egg progress if you want a neat timer, or if you get sidetracked when cooking like I do.  This is a ingenious and fun invention. 

We had a great night and really enjoy when we can get together for the Tryazon Parties.  They are the best!

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