Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tushi Fitness Tracker Wristband + Wireless Monitor


Fitness is really not my cup of tea but I know I need to walk more, but how do I know how far to walk?  I am overweight and I do not eat a lot so exercise is what I really need, yet I really would like to know how many calories I burn a day.  After all that is how we are trained to lose weight....exercise and diet, watch those calories and move!  I hate counting calories and I can't overdue myself, but yet do need to do more with my Fibro.  

With this Tushi Fitness tracker it really helps.  It can count how many calories I burn and how much I walk a day (which needs total improvement).   My son tried this out for me at first and was so excited because within his day at work he actually gets in his 10,000 steps.   10,000 steps is what is usually recommended for most of us to keep healthy and help the extra pounds melt off.  Of course this is considering we keep our calories in check also.  Everyone's body is different. 

The Tushi tracker is also great for timing yourself with different exercises.  It has four alarms that you can utilize for different activities.  If you are more into how long you walk, which a lot of progressive walkers are, then you can use an alarm.  The Tushi also has a distance walker display so you can measure how far you have walked, in case that is your goal. 

As far as goals go, Tushi has a target display that allows you to set a target and another display that shows you your progress.  Great for someone, like myself, that has to work up to a goal that will keep me fit and healthy. 

It also has the time and date so that you are always in the loop and can wear your Tushi all day!  It has an easy to work band that stays on you, even through the strenuous activities of the day.  The silicone band is easy on the wrist and is very durable, and flexible.  The blue led screen is easy on the eyes.  There is also a sleep monitor that adds to all the benefits. 

If you need more you can also download the iSport activity monitor (available on Google Play and iOS App store) and connect your wristband and get more for your buck!  Manuel included. 

What is stopping you from your ultimate health??

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