Friday, July 10, 2015

OnlyTM SUV Dedicated Car Mobile Cushion Air Bed Bedroom Inflation Travel Thicker Mattress Back Seat Extended Mattress from ONLY ME

There are time in life where we just wish we could run away up into the mountains or a beach and just chill there for days at a time.  But lugging tents and campers can be tedious work.   We need simple some days.  Or there are the days where we just want to be under the stars, maybe in the back of a truck and relax looking up at all the universe.  Sounding good so far??   It does to me too!  I hate lugging equipment though and would just prefer to camp it in the back of the truck bed or my choice, the SUV (bears, you know!!)   The great thing about that is all you need is a nice air mattress and sleeping bag.  I found the perfect air mattress that makes all that possible and comfortable, the Car Mobile Cushion from ONLY ME. 

I think this is the coolest air mattress ever! I never knew they made them for vehicles until I received this one! This was initially bought for the Explorer and it is really nice in there and works great.  It is made so that there are side wings that will fold up and fit around the wheel wells.  It has a head piece that also folds up so you can fit it properly into different SUV's.  It also folds in the middle.  The maximum size of expansion are: 71*51 inch

Lately we have used it as a bed inside as we have friends staying with us for a bit. It is quite comfortable even though it is not as thick as the air beds are. It holds air really good and the soft flocking that overlays the plastic on both sides and is a nice feel so you do not need a blanket or sheet to cover the mattress ( I always hated sleeping directly on plastic). It is lightweight and easy to use. I love how there are places that is folds up for the head and tires plus in the middle. This has made it so we can stash and carry it easier, by folding it in the middle, without having to deflate it. It will lose air eventually but we have been able to use it a few nights in a row without having to add air. 

The only thing we had problems with is the pump that came with it didn't work to inflate ours properly, not enough power, so we did end up using another pump. I think this is a wonderful item and will make a great gift for anyone with a truck or SUV. It does come in a storage/carry bag with a patch kit and more. I thought that was a great touch! This really is a great mattress for many occasions.  

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