Thursday, January 1, 2015

I felt like I should write a quick post to you, my readers, and to the sellers, while I am able to get online.  I do hope all of you had a wonderful New Year Day!  

I am sorry for not posting as often as I should as I am way behind in my reviews and showing good products to you.   I have had an overload of problems and things to do.  My computer keeps glitching to where I have had to constantly reboot it and then the internet company has had issues (they blame it on the city) where it is going too slow to load or booting people off, not just me.  My mom and others in the town that have the same company has had the same issues. 

The stress has not been good for my Fibro and brain seizures, it has made me sick a time or two. We ALL know how the holidays are and spending time with family.  Then trying to do my online jewelry business has kept me busy as well. 

 I love doing product reviews and writing to you, my readers, and still plan on doing it.  I hope to get caught up so eventually I can bring in some exciting new products for you.  This is just not something I can do on my phone, like Facebook.

I know the sellers I have been working with are upset at this time, and I do hope they understand.  I didn't expect these challenges, but I do know life has them.  Hopefully, with the holidays over the servers will work better, if not I will be looking for another internet provider.  Taxes will hopefully help with the computer issue.  

In the meantime, please bear with me, and we will look forward to a new start for the new year!!  I wish you the best in this new year to come!  


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