Saturday, July 2, 2016

Barbecue Skewers Set - LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Stainless Steel Wide BBQ Kabob Sticks - 10 Inch Flat Metal Shish Kabab with Food Remover Disc for Grilling - Brazilian Kebab Rotisserie Maker by Cave Tools

Summer time... the time when the grill comes out and the smell of barbecuing is in the air. Everything goes on to the grill, from steak, seafood, chicken, veggies and more! From every flavor of spice to every sauce, the food is great!

One of the funnest foods to barbecue is shish kabobs! Where anything goes while you mix and match. Kabobs are famous around the world.

As Wikipedia puts it: 

Kebab (also American kabob) is a term in English for several types of food. The word originated in the Middle East and is also common in other languages worldwide, with numerous spellings and variants. It has different definitions in different varieties of English, and in different cultures.

In contemporary American and British English, a kebab is a common dish, consisting of a skewer with small pieces of meat or seafood, together with vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Also known as shish kebab or sometimes shashlik, kebabs are customarily prepared in homes and restaurants, and are usually cooked on a grill or barbeque. The word kebab may also be used as a general term in English to describe any similar-looking skewered food, such as brochette, satay, souvlaki, yakitori, or numerous small chunks of any type of food served on a stick. This is different from its use in the Middle East, where shish (Turkish: şiş) is the word for skewer, while kebab comes from the Persian word for grilling.

The most common tools for skewers for the kabob is bamboo or wood, these have to be soaked in water before use so they do not burn or catch fire, and they have to be replaced each time. But you can prevent this hassle by using 10" Stainless Steel Wide BBQ Kabob Sticks by Cave Tools to place your favorite mix of food pieces on.

Cave tools offers these 10" metal skewers that are flat so that your food doesn't slide around. They are dishwasher safe and easy to use. I love the food removal ring!! This ring is placed at the top so that when your food is done you can push it down and it slides your food down without ruining it. Especially great for veggies. Beats the normal fork or finger routine. The metal on these skewers does get hot so you will need tongs, gloves, or hot pads to remove the skewers from the grill.
They are a bit flexible but strong and will hold your food well. They wash up and store easily.

I used these with a variety of veggies and steak. The food cooked well and it all come off easily. I have to say we really enjoyed it. The great thing about kabobs is that you can build them to your liking. The kids love to add what they want. We just cut up a variety of veggies, fruit, and meats and they build away with their own designs and combinations.

So if you are tired of the regular burgers and hot dogs, step it up a bit with shish kabobs skewered onto Cave Tools Metal skewers.
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