Saturday, June 19, 2021

Wiley Wallaby Review

 Wiley Wallaby Licorice, Tryazon, and Me

We did it again, we had another Tryazon party and it was delicious thanks to Wiley Wallaby licorice! Now I have been a Redvines girl for many years.  But apparently the first time I tried Wiley Wallaby was with my dad on some of the trips we have taken with him.  I knew the licorice he had was good but I always forgot the name, just knew it sounded Australian, but never quite knowing what it really was called.  With all the licorice varieties and names there were, this one just seemed to not want to find me.  Until now!

I saw this licorice party come up and I thought, "well we will give it at try and hope it is good."  I applied and got accepted.  When I posted my sister responded how she loved this licorice and was so excited to try the flavors that she hadn't found yet, and that it was her favorite brand.  My cousin also responded to how she love the brand as well.  This got me a bit more excited, after all neither of them respond a lot on my posts but put licorice out there and "BOOM" they are all about it. 

When we got the box of licorice we were all about trying s a couple flavors before the party, figuring out what I had gotten myself into.  A few flavors in I was sold!

Party day arrives and we haul out the packages from the box!. All the flavors were tried by all the guests. We had packages of Classic Res, Watermelon, Green Apple, Huckleberry, Blasted Berry, Blueberry Pomegranate, Tropical Organic Bites, Strawberry Organic Bites, Red White and Blue mixed Bag and Sourrageous Drops. 

Kristine, my sister, was more than happy to try all the flavors. After each she decided her favorites were the Tropical Organic Bites and Blueberry Pomegranate. Jackson, who is vegan, liked the Tropical Organic bites as well.  He is big on organics.  Timo and Clifton liked them all but didn't really have a favorite. 

Adam has been munching on the mixed Red, White and Blue bag. Austin, Mitchell, Marjorie and myself really liked the Sourrageous. Kambrree and Kaylee really didn't have a favorite; Mathew was being picky and decided the licorice was not his thing.  Besides the Sourrageous my other favorite has to be the watermelon.  We left bags with all that wanted one, and really loved sharing and receiving feedback. 

It was a great time just to spend it with people after all the Covid and times we missed, and this was a great way to bring them together. 

My honest review is that this licorice has turned me from a Redvines lover to a Wiley Wallaby lover. The mixture of flavors are really a great variety/  I even went a bag of the black to try, as I do love black licorice as well, and really enjoyed it.  They were soft and stayed soft within their bag. They were easier to chew than most and did not have the waxy texture or after taste as some licorice do.  They are thick pieces so you really get a good piece to bite into. 

This great licorice can be found in many stores, gas station convenience stores, Amazon, and I have even found it in my hardware store. If you love licorice give it a try, but I do recommend eating more than one as the flavor seems to intensify a bit more with the second and third piece. 

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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Four Organics Lip Balm courtesy of Tryazon and Four Organics

 Four Organics Lip Balm Via Tryazon

I was privileged to have another Tryazon Party, this time reviewing and sharing the Four Organics Lip Balm.  First off let me say, doing Tryazon Parties during a pandemic is never easy, they sometimes consist of the same people and friends, never large and always safe.  The great thing about some of Tryazon's parties is Tryazon is willing to work with you and the safety of your guests.  And since trying on lip balm requires the removing of masks I decided to deliver to others to let them try it.  I was initially going to buy other balms to compare against the Four Organics, but I figure people have tried major name brands such as Chapstick and Carmex. With that being said we delivered and since I still have a few more we will deliver to others further away when time allows. 

Before we start with our deliveries I want to tell you a little about Four Organics Lip Balm.  Now this is the only product that Four Organics offers at this time, but they are all about living simple and being good, not just to others but to the earth.  There boxes are made from 50% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.  The raw material are from suppliers who are Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified. They care! 

My deliveries started at my sisters house and let her and her family try it.  My niece had just purchased some from an Amish market and so this compared vary closely to what she was using.  My sister, who decided to Marilyn Monroe it up for the camera hates peppermint but doesn't mind the smell as long as it is not something she has to taste.  My sister liked it because it didn't taste like a stick of peppermint gum and so she wouldn't have to taste it all through the day.  Her other family members were all hiding at the time so reviews yet to come from them. 

I then went over to my mom's and let her and my nephew try it.  Now my mom being older, her lips dry out and she doesn't stay hydrated properly so the natural ingredients in this balm was perfect for her.  We will see if her age prevents her from remembering to use the balm consistently, LOL.  My nephew is a major Carmex user.  He has a few medical issues and is really picky about different things, he didn't seem to mind that it had all natural organic ingredients that will benefit him and his lips.  My other nephew is into all organic and natural so I'm saving a balm for when I see him. 

My sons, who help me immensely, did their crazy pose.  Austin, who is really picky about tastes, also liked the fact that you could smell the peppermint but didn't really taste it. He really likes it. 

The majority of the votes were that the balm was a good mix, but I am sure that more flavors in the future will help the business boom.  Natural and Organic is a great thing, but I would really like to know more about how long the product stays good. I've had some natural balms go rancid on me when not used often enough so that information would be a great benefit.

All in all, good product and will watch for the company to grow and see where they go from here.

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Vasta Sheet Slicer From Tryazon

 The Vasta Sheet Slicer from Tryazon

I was very lucky to be able to host another party from Tryazon, this time featuring the Vasta sheet slicer. 

Working with Tryazon has been very rewarding and I was excited to try the Vasta, but then I read reviews on Amazon and I hesitated because they were not very good.  Well good thing that Tryazon didn't hesitate and they sent me my Vasta, in fact I received two. 

When I opened the box and saw two I was really quite happy.  You see we had just moved and my sister and her husband helped us tremendously, she had also just started a  bariatric reset group a few months later and was doing food videos for that, so I knew if it worked well she would find a good use for it.  I called her up and asked "Sis have you ever heard of the Vasta, I get to do a party review for one." She responded, "Yes, I have actually been looking at those, thinking of buying one." Well, it was fun telling her that I had one for her.  

So we pulled mom in and the boys and got together to try the Vasta.  Since I had read the reviews I wanted to try a couple different things.  Zucchini was a big veggie being used on these and I saw that in the ads apples were also mentioned. 

So as Kris, my sis, was pulling hers out and trying to figure it out,  mom pulled mine out. I tried to film mom unboxing but she was shaking so bad but trying so hard to help.  We watched the videos on how to use the Vasta and then tried our with zucchini.  We cut our zucchini to size which was about 4-4 1/2" and then loaded our slicer up.  Now Kris and I each had different zucchini's and we each held our slicers differently, thus our results were very different.  Kris's zucchini was a bit more firm and a little big narrower, thus a younger zucchini. Mine was a bit rounder and softer.  I also set my directly on the cupboard like the video shows with theirs flat on the cutting board.  Kris, held hers up off the cupboard in her hands. 

The results....Kris had a wonderful result of nicely sliced zucchini and went through her whole piece beautifully.  Mine, on the other hand......well total flop!  It was too soft to move and the holder mushed up the inside preventing anything from slicing.  We found that a smaller rounded vegetable with some firmness works much better and holding it up also seems to help control the slicer much easier. 

With that being said I then tried apples.  We used a couple honey crisp apples for this experiment.  The apples were much harder to get the skewer into and much harder to get it out also.  This is due to the core so can be expected.  Always make sure blade guards on on when adding or removing vegetable or fruit. The apples were already at a good size to put in the slicer so we didn't have to cut or trim them. We did place our fingers on the non cutting edge of the slicer to hold the blade firm against the apple (you can do this with any of the fruit or veggies your slicing to help get a nice sheet if need be). We both ended up with beautifully cut apple slices.  

The one thing to remember is even if you lift it up off the board keep it low so that your slices can fall on the cupboard if need be so they do not break apart.  Also keep the vegetables and fruit fresh and firm. Do not cut too small or too large, this will hinder the ability to rotate the fruit or vegetable as you slice it.  Don't give up, keep trying and experimenting because this really does work. 

The sheets cut about 2 1/2 - 3" wide slices and are barely 1/8" thick.  There is leftover remains on the skewer and on the sides of the blades, this is ok just cut it up and use in your recipe. 

Kris was really excited to get to use and keep one of these and we had fun trying these together as a family.  With Covid out there we kept our group really small but shared the bounties with many.  Kris kept the apples for a delicious dessert and I made zucchini lasagne.  

This Vasta also came with the linguini blade and so I did try that out using and apple.   It worked really well other than it was a smaller and not as crisp apple so the apple 'noodles' broke as they were coming out. 

I do recommend the Vasta for some fun and healthy meals.  It is a decent price for the make of the product and how it works. 


1: Always put on the blade guards when placing fruit on and removing fruit cores from equipment. 

2:  The springs adjusting the blade holder are strong so be extra careful when lifting it.  These have to stay tight so that it can have good pressure and lay proper against the fruit or vegetable. 

3:  Use firm and not overly big fruit and vegetables. 

Quick tip: Zucchini Lasagne:  I used a regular lasagne recipe but used zucchini in place of the noodles.  Place zucchini on several layers of paper towel or on regular towel and sprinkle generously with salt on both sides.  Let sit out for several minutes so the salt can release some of the juices.  Rinse and dry off your zucchini thoroughly, then use in place of noodles.  This will prevent the zucchini juices from making your food mushy or overly juicy. 

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Monday, August 31, 2020

Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetner Featuring Suntella

 Lakanto Monfruit Sweetener Featuring Suntella From Tryazon

I got the wonderful chance to host another wonderful Tryazon party featuring Lakanto monkfruit sweetener and their new Suntella product. 

Now I have been one to dabble in keto and try as I might I have a hard time staying away from the sweets.  So in learning how to deal with that I have learned about sweeteners and the sweets that you can eat, in moderation, with a keto diet. 

It just so happens that monk fruit is one of those along with erythitol.  Now plain erythitol can be hard to cook with and harder to eat a lot of, so Lakanto has combined their monkfruit sweetener with erythitol making it much easier to use.  They offer a white version to replace white sugar and a golden version to replace brown sugar. They also offer a simple syrup version, and a maple syrup flavored version. 

The part I am most excited about is the Suntella.  Now I have never been that Nutella fan that makes everything about Nutella, and truth be told I don't even like it a little bit even though I love hazelnuts.  It has way too much sugar that over powers the flavors it should enhance.  

With Suntella it is Keto friendly, 2 net carbs, and a darker chocolate taste with the nuttiness of sunflower seeds.  It also spreads really easy and with a little warmth it makes a great dip for fruits (my sisters idea).  This can be very versatile and used any way that Nutella can with out all the guilt. 

While it is sweet the dark chocolate balances out the sweetness very well.  

One of the best things about this Suntella, aside from the flavor, is that if you are allergic to nuts and never had the chance to enjoy Nutella despite all the rage, now you can check out what it is all about with Suntella.  If you're diabetic you can now also enjoy a nice treat with Suntella. 

This and Lakanto's other creations are truly a blessing to a healthier life without the effects of real sugar,  so come and enjoy you some today. 

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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener

Tryazon Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener Party

I got the privilege of hosting a Lakanto Monkfruit sweetener party through Tryazon and want to share the results.  

I received the box and was quite surprised when I received it, it was heavy.  I opened the box and there were 10 16 oz bags of Lakanto monkfruit sweetener, 1 3lbs bag of  Monkfruit sweetener, 1 3 lbs bag of Golden monkfruit sweetener, recipe cards and bags for all party goers.  A few days later I received a bottle of Maple flavored monkfruit sweetener syrup. 
The recipe cards had a chocolate chip cookie recipe (along with a few others) that I made for the party.  I needed to get the Lakanto monkfruit sweetened chocolate chips which I acquired at our local Good Earth store.  I was surprised at all the items made from the monkfruit. 

 The monkfruit sweetener is made of erythritol and monkfruit.  The recipe was easy to make but is was a bit dry so next time I will lesson the flour.  Erythitrol doesn't break down and caramelize like sugar so the texture is a bit different. The cookies were good and not too sweet although the erythritol did leave a cooling feeling in your mouth, not a bad aftertaste just different. Some felt they didn't have much flavor, but others really enjoyed them.  They do go harder overnight and but I think lessening the cooking time and flour may help this. 

I will be experimenting with more of this sweetener as I go.
Benefits of Monkfruit sweetener:  0 Carbs, 0 Glycemic, 0 Calorie, 1:1 sugar replacement, and Keto approved.  It reduces the Erythitrol without having to substitute with xylitol or stevia. So no bitter aftertaste from stevia, no cramps and diarrhea from the xylitol. 
Definitely something to help those sweet cravings.  Thank you to Lakanto and Tryazon for this chance to try something new and healthier.

Thursday, November 14, 2019


TruFru Frozen Fruit Tryazon Party

This was quite an experience as I was excited to try a healthier snack with only 90 calories per serving from Trufru and Tryazon. I was supposed to be able to buy these at Walmart or Smiths near me, but the stores not being well stocked and limited, I ended up going to many stores before I finally found them at a Target.

They come in Raspberries with milk chocolate, Raspberries with dark and white chocolate, and cherries in white and dark chocolate.  Although you can find other varieties online.
Target was sold out of the milk chocolate so we were only able to try the Raspberries and the Cherries in the white/dark chocolate.

This product some frozen and can be found in the frozen section of the store. You also store it in the freezer.  They are not hard to eat but I personally found the first taste of both fruits to be tart.  The raspberry to me was more so.   My sister and her husband each liked a different one, my sister liked the raspberry and her husband the cherry. My nephew was also fond of the cherry stating that the raspberry tasted too "marinated".  No I do not know what he meant by that, LOL.  My mother on the other hand liked the raspberry.  My one son did not care for either and my other son was undecided.
You definitely have to get past that first initial bite to enjoy them.  I do prefer letting mine thaw just a bit, as the fruit can be hard and icy when right from the freezer but the chocolate stays fine.  If you have sensitivity to cold then these are definitely not the treats for you.

All in all I think these run a good price for a nice but not too sweet treat and are healthier than the junk and candy out there.

Thank you Tryazon and Trufru for a 'cool' new taste treat experience.